Carbon Fiber Idler Roller Conveyor Tube

Carbon Fiber Idler Roller Conveyor Tube

The carbon fiber industrial roller is of light weight and lower rolling inertia.

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Shall you have your own idea, we could customize for you!


The carbon fiber industrial roller is of light weight and lower rolling inertia. 

What we could do for you?

Our basic products are tubes, rods and plates. With some metal and plastic accessories, they could be made into telescopic poles in different locking ways. Composite shapes could be customized based on your 3D drawings.

From beginning to end, we do design & engineering, tooling, prototypes, production and testing for your project.


What materials are we working with?

Our products are made of different modulus of carbon fiber, fiberglass and carbon-kevlar hybrid. With the combination of fibers and resin, performances of both the resin and fibers come out.


What manufacturing process do we have?

We do roll wrapping, extruding, filament winding and mold pressing.


What tubing dimension can we reach?

Usually, tubes with less than 500mm diameter and 6,000mm length are workable. Molds of most regular tubes within 300mm diameter are available, which will save the mold charge of your samples. For special dimensions, we could customize based on detailed requirements.


What tolerance can you expect?

For tube in natural finish, diameter tolerance is +/-0.1mm. With polishing process, diameter tolerance could be +/-0.05mm.

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