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carbon fiber rod tube Carbon Fiber Rod

Carbon Fiber Rod

Weihai Xinbo Composite Products Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China carbon fiber rod manufacturers, with professional factory we are able to produce cheap carbon fiber rod with reliable quality. Welcome to wholesale products from us.

Solid Carbon Fiber Rod

Carbon  Fiber  Rods are made from continuous carbon fibers in a resin matrix of  either vinyl-ester or epoxy as noted in below product specifications. They are  extremely stiff, lightweight and have a very low coefficient of expansion.  Carbon fiber rods have incredible linear strength due to the orientation of the  carbon fibers and are used in a variety of applications.

Features of solid carbon fiber rod :

1)  Resistance of corrosion
2). High Strength, Tenacity, and Modulus
3). Chemical Stability
4). Dimensional Stability
5). UV Resistance
6). Electrical Insulation
7). Low Thermal Conductivity
8). Wide Thermal Adaptability

Carbon  fiber rods have been used in the following applications:
-  Medical Instruments and Components
-  Industrial Tools
-  Kite Framework
-  Model Airplane Framework and Parts
-  Remote Control Cars, Planes, Boats, Truck and Components
-  Recreational Applications – Fishing Rods, Golf Clubs

Our advantages
●Engineers with more than 10 years experiences;            
●Good production capacity, good delivery time;
●Specifications can be customized;
●Strict quality management from material to shipment;
●24hours service, prompt reply;
●Small order quantity accepted;
●Perfect after sales service, free sample is available.

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