Glass Fiber Tube

Glass Fiber Tube

Our Fiberglass Tubes are manufactured to be corrosion resistant, non-conductive, non-magnetic, among other features. They can also be made to be fire retardant.

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Product Details

Epoxy black fiberglass tube ,fiberglass prepreg insulated poles 

1. Material: 100%  fiberglass prepreg

2. Surface Finish : Natural

3. Manufacture process : Roll-wrapped

4. Length: Can be customized

5. Diameter : As requested

Our fiberglass pre-preg tubes are available in a broad selection of diameters and lengths to suit most applications. Typical applications for our pre-preg tubes are  antennas, paddle and oar shafts, fishing rod blanks, outrigger support shafts .

We can design and manufacture tubes/rods according to per customer's  application and requirement .


XINBO COMPOSITE is one of the top level glass fiber tube manufacturers in China, with professional skills, we are able to produce glass fiber tube with high strength and good quality. We can also customize products according to per client's requirement.