3K Carbon Fiber Tube

3K Carbon Fiber Tube

Carbon Fiber tube is manufactured with standard/high modulus carbon fiber which performs excellent strength and stiffness.

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Product Details

Customized 3k weave Carbon Fiber Tube for industry

Advantages of Carbon fiber tube is high strength,light weight and excellent corrosion resistance .

Material : 100% Carbon fiber , 50% Carbon fiber or as requested
Surface  Finish : 3K twill weave / 3K plain weave , Natural , Glossy , Matte
Color  : Black 

Diameter: Can be customized / According to drawing  

Length: As requested 

Roll wrapped carbon fiber tubes are universally strong and can tolerate all  forces equally. Unlike extruded tubes they can withstand twist (torque) force,  compression, tension and deflection without splitting. This is because the fiber has been wound around the diameter of the tube as well as  running length ways. 

Advantages of 3K carbon fiber tubes : 

1. Lighter than aluminum
2. Stiffer than steel
3. Won't break
4. Looks beautiful  
5. Excellent corrosion resistance
6. Excellent compression properties

Other relative carbon composite products can be customized according to per drawing or sample . 


XINBO COMPOSITE is one of the top level 3K Carbon Fiber Tube manufacturers in China, with professional skills, we are able to produce 3K Carbon Fiber Tube with high strength and good quality. We can also customize products according to per client's requirement.

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