2 Sections Kayak Paddle Shaft

2 Sections Kayak Paddle Shaft

Top-quality carbon fiber light weight straight kayak paddle

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Product Details

2 Sections Kayak Paddle Shaft 

Material : 100%CF or Carbon Composite

Length : 2.1 ~ 2.2M

Features :

●  Top-quality carbon-fiber shaft creates a durable, lightweight and well-balanced paddle

●  Adjustable Ferrule System allows elegant adjustment of feathering angle from 0° - 60° right or left in 15° increments

●  Improved ferrule design incorporates internal printing of offset degrees and a low-profile button release that makes paddle feel like 1 piece

●  Carbon fiber blades provide high durability with minimal weight

●  2-piece design breaks down quickly and eases transport and storage

Other relative carbon composite products can be customized according to per drawing or sample . 

XINBO COMPOSITE is one of the top level 2 Sections Kayak Paddle Shaft manufacturers in China, with professional skills, we are able to produce 2 Sections Kayak Paddle Shaft with high strength and good quality. We can also customize products according to per client's requirement.