2016 The Developing Emphasis Of Carbon Fiber Industry

- Aug 06, 2016 -

1. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) industry. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is now very popular product, its functional diversity, such as aerial, testing environment, surveying and mapping, spraying pesticide, etc. Now the popular trend is the use of carbon fiber materials unmanned aircraft parts, because it is very light in weight, high strength, helps overcome resistance aloft.

3K-woven-carbon-fiber -sheets

2. The automobile industry. Carbon fiber is used in the car on the long ago, in recent years, civil cars began to use carbon fiber parts, it is important to realize auto lightweight, appearance point of view is very beautiful, fashionable, popular by young people.

carbon fiber mechanical arm

3. Machinery manufacturing industry. Carbon fiber can be instead of metal used in the manufacture of mechanical arm manipulator, and other components, mechanical shield, its seismic performance is good, good for machine fast and stable operation. General metal materials are easy to rust, it is not the problem.

4. High iron industry. As we all know, China is to build high-speed rail, more convenient between different cities. Using carbon fiber products structure, can reduce weight, speed, save energy and protect the environment.

The above four areas is the key point of the development of the carbon fiber industry in the future.In addition, it can also be used in Musical Instruments sound, sports goods, furniture, medical biology. With the development of science and technology, using range is still in further expanding, a vast market.


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