Carbon Fiber Composites Research

- Aug 03, 2015 -

Has many excellent properties of carbon fiber, carbon fiber axial strength and modulus, low density, high specific performances, creep, non-oxidizing environment under ultra high temperature resistance, good fatigue resistance, between the specific heat and conductivity of Nonmetal and metal, small thermal expansion coefficient, and anisotropy, good corrosion resistance, good through x-ray. Good electrical and thermal conductivity, good electromagnetic shielding.

For currently high strength tube-like composite test method and means not mature of problem, proposed has carbon fiber tube-like composite stretch strength of two species test method--sampling stretch method and overall stretch method, they respectively for bassoon diameter and small tube diameter of test. on try pieces of making method for has research and experiment, and development out dedicated fixture for overall stretch test, through experiment validation has fixture of feasibility and superiority, to breakthrough has high strength tube-like composite strength test Shi clip holding difficult of bottleneck.

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