Carbon Fiber Is A Lightweight, "the Perfect Materials

- Aug 03, 2015 -

Carbon fiber is light, but there is good security, although carbon fiber looks like plastic, and stronger than steel but this material impact resistance, especially with a steering wheel made of carbon fiber, high mechanical strength and resistance to erosion. Cooperation of the composites, carbon fiber cars into armored vehicle in the family car. This skirt on the application of carbon fiber material already in the high speed train.

Carbon fiber is made of large civilian aircraft, cars, high-speed trains and other modern means of transport to achieve "lightweight" the perfect material. Demand for carbon fiber in air applications is growing, and new large passenger aircraft Airbus A380 and the Boeing 787 is about 50% of carbon fiber composite materials. Boeing 777 aircraft using carbon fiber structural materials, including horizontal and vertical tailplane and beam calls a key structural material, so its quality is extremely demanding. The fuselage of the Boeing 787 carbon fibre, which makes planes fly faster, more fuel-efficient, and increased cabin humidity, making passengers more comfortable. Airbus has also used them in plenty of carbon, carbon fiber in new aircraft will be used on the A380. The airframe weight of structure 20%, 20% fuel savings than similar plane, thereby significantly reducing operating costs, reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

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