Carbon Fiber Products

- Aug 03, 2015 -

So there's no carbon ceramic material, nor the name in technical terms. Carbon Crystal is just one for producing their own products need names. At the national level on the electric floor heating technical data and industry standards, there is carbon Crystal heating this statement could not be found. Heating element material are not the same. Carbon fiber heating element is carbon fiber as the conductor material. It is stronger than steel, small density than aluminum and stainless steel more resistant to corrosion than the steel more resistant to high temperature, but also as conductive as copper electrical, thermal and mechanical material. Products are widely used in aerospace, sports equipment, medical devices.

Carbon Crystal, simply put, carbon Crystal products are carbon particles for conductive materials, join adhesive pressed into a sheet. Production of this product does not require any high-end technology and patents, precisely because of this reason, will break out overnight more than 10 domestic manufacturers. Electromagnetic interference-free use, no dust, no noise and pollution. Heating up quickly: this product is heated 1-2 minute heat economy: this product is intended for low price affordable for the general public, not only buying to save money, using savings, energy conversion by 30% (metal heat), and can automatically control the temperature. And this product has the role of physiotherapy health products in the heat at the same time, also has a 3-20um wavelength far infrared radiation, the radiation conversion rate is above 68%, higher than national standards for similar products. Far infrared is the modern medical community as the "light of life", research has shown that human body for far infrared is a better absorption greater than 6m, upon receiving the far infrared, resonance absorption of human tissue and cells, enhances activity metabolism reduces excess fat. Electric line of infrared wavelength of 3-20um, far-infrared to the human health and radiation therapy effects do not dry clean, is the new green energy-saving products. Safe, reliable, long service life.

Product parts and the whole are normally tested by the rigorous screening, aging and dielectric strength than standard 2000V, compounded its carbon fiber heating elements by high pressure, completely overcome the heating film, conductive coatings, toner and other heating elements, easy to break, easy to fall off, peroxide, overcurrent, low heat resistance and insulation defects. This product is light weight, pollution-free, rugged, the service life is not less than 100,000 hours. Has a three-tier control temperature. 1 wire with over temperature protection switch. 2 thermostat with thermal protection off. 3 temperature constant room temperature adjustment switch can be set to keep warm. Shock resistance more than 3000 v. There is no magnetic wave radiation. Technical data maximum operating temperature: 300 ℃ long-term use voltage: 3-600V AC 12-380V long term working temperature: 80-200 ° c pressure: 3700-5000v (50HZ) 1min, flicker-free breakdown of insulation resistance > 500 mohm use ambient temperature: -55-+45

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