Carbon fiber rod

- Aug 19, 2016 -

Material : 100% Carbon Fiber, Or As Requested

Color :Black

Diameter : 5mm or As requested

Length: As Requested

Surface Treatment: Natural

Technology: Pultrusion


Features of carbon fiber rod :

1)  Resistance of corrosion

2). High Strength, Tenacity, and Modulus

3). Chemical Stability

4). Dimensional Stability

5). UV Resistance

6). Electrical Insulation

7). Low Thermal Conductivity

8). Wide Thermal Adaptability 

Carbon fiber rod have been used in the following applications:

- Medical Instruments and Components

- Industrial Tools

- Kite Framework

- Model Airplane Framework and Parts

- Remote Control Cars, Planes, Boats, Truck and Components

- Recreational Applications – Fishing Rods, Golf Clubs

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