Carbon Fiber Sheet Five Properties

- Aug 03, 2015 -

Carbon fiber sheet five properties

Carbon fiber main product features and epoxy and fiberglass panels similar to that there is an obvious difference. Carbon fiber sheets by an epoxy coating made of woven carbon fiber and graphite. The advantages of light weight, high tensile strength, synthetic handles of all low density material, carbon fiber is probably the most substantial. Dongguan factory specialized in the production of carbon fiber, carbon fiber materials such as carbon fiber tube, first of all to understand the properties of carbon fiber sheet:

1, mechanical performance, light weight, high strength, good toughness,

2, strong resistance to chemical corrosion, resistant to most aggressive media;

3, pressure-resistant flame retardant, UV-resistant, heat-resistant, no aging;

4, anti-static, better insulation properties;

5, product appearance, smooth as a mirror.

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