Carbon Fiber Sheets Are Mainly Used For Carbon Fiber Sheet Reinforcement

- Aug 03, 2015 -

Carbon fiber sheet is made of carbon fiber and resin for prefabricated molding composites adhering to high carbon fiber is light, mild and corrosion properties. Carbon fiber carbon fiber and resin imported prefabricated, and the fibre volume content is greater than 65%, performance exceeded the national standard carbon fiber bars in high strength requirements of I-level performance indicators. Carbon fiber resin (carbon plate gum) is mainly used for carbon fiber sheet reinforcement project, its good bonding, not flowing, high penetrability. About carbon-fiber front we have to first understand some characteristics of carbon fiber, combined with below will give you some information about the characteristics of carbon fiber features:

Carbon fibre also has excellent size (size representation of 9000 metres is one of the grams of fiber), and typically only about 19 g, pull up to 300kg per micron. Few other materials like carbon fiber is as much a series of excellent performances, tenor, stiffness, severe, fatigue and other areas where there are strict requirements. When you are not exposed to air and oxidizing agents, carbon fiber can withstand temperatures above 3,000 degrees, with outstanding heat-resistance, compared with other materials, carbon fiber strength began to decline when the temperature is higher than 1500 c, and the temperature, the higher fiber strength is. The radial strength compared to the axial strength of carbon fiber and thus avoid radial strength of carbon fiber (that is, not tying) and other material properties of whisker has also dropped significantly. Carbon fibre also has excellent low temperature resistance, as in not at liquid nitrogen temperature embrittlement.

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