Failure Analysis Of Motorcycle Pipes 1

- Aug 07, 2016 -

Failure Analysis

Engine at work if the tail exhaust have blue smoke discharge, there may be a phenomenon is that oil consumption too fast, the cause of the failure of carbon fiber pipe may be that the oil amount is too much, cylinder compression pressure is lower than the specified value, the piston and cylinder wall clearance is too large, the piston ring wear and poor sealing, first check the oil quantity, because too much oil is easy to cause the oil is up. 

Check the oil level, and not just after the engine flameout check, should be checked again after the shut down 10 minutes. If the oil level on the high side, should be extracted or blow off the oil, the oil if the oil level is normal, the use of engine and long enough, you should check out of cylinder pressure and piston, piston ring and cylinder wall wear and make clearance increases the possibility of gap increases the oil upwards. 

For cylinder wall wear, the piston and cylinder clearance more than rules, just do boring cylinder, piston and so on method of replacement. For just after overhaul or changed in engine piston ring, often because of piston ring internal and external incision (chamfer) is installed in the oil. If appear this kind of circumstance, should replace the piston ring. 

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