Polymer-carbon Fiber Materials

- Aug 03, 2015 -

Polymer-carbon fiber materials

At present, the carbon fiber material development all over the world as an important strategic initiatives. Carbon fiber has been included in the new materials industry "Twelve-Five" programme of major projects, but also boost heart. National Information Center Director Luo Yifeng special synthetic fibers said, at present, the trends in the global carbon market is fully warmed up. According to the carbon-fiber Giants Japan Toray forecast in 2012, the world will increase demand for carbon fiber 16% over the next 3 years of an average annual growth rate will reach 20%~30%.

Carbon fiber is the inorganic polymer fiber containing carbon is higher than 90%. Carbon graphite fiber than 99% said. Carbon fiber axial strength and modulus, creep and fatigue resistance, good, between the specific heat and conductivity of Nonmetal and metal, thermal expansion coefficient, good corrosion resistance, low fiber density, x ray through the good. But its poor impact resistance, easy to damage, in the presence of strong acid oxidation, and occurs when the metal composite metal carbide, carburization and electrochemical corrosion phenomena. Therefore, before use of carbon fiber surface treatment

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