Show You How To Choose Carbon Fiber Sheet

- Aug 03, 2015 -

Many aspects of my life to carbon fiber panels, construction, support, and so on, with the development of economy, is more and more demand for carbon fiber plate, such as carbon-fiber, while variety and quality has also become a big note, teaches you how to purchase optional carbon fiber panels below:

1, carbon fiber is made of carbon fiber prepreg resins under pressure after some manufacturers, with relatively cheap basalt cloth pretending to be processed into sheets with carbon fiber sheet, you can see if its color is pure black, color and smooth, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties to meet the requirements.

2, different manufacturers technology different, even with the same raw material, there are quality differences. When buying, look at the plate, bubble wrap lines there is no skew. Good quality carbon fiber, resin and carbon fibres blend well.

3, the choice of brand, price is also important. Dongguan Association of carbon fiber and imported carbon fiber and resin, formed by the most advanced mechanical production, good quality, affordable and cost effective.

4, others such as delivery time, with or without instruments, personnel services, quality inspection reports, are factors to consider. Our products fast shipping time, formal, through a number of international top quality and absolute ease of use.

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