The Characteristics Of Glass Fiber Rods

- Aug 03, 2015 -

Glass, most people's ideas for a hard brittle object, is not suitable as a structural material, but after its cut, greatly increases its strength and flexibility, combined with resin gives shape structural materials can finally become good after. Fiberglass can be seen with conditions increased the diameter is less its intensity. Glass fiber as a reinforcing material has the following features, these features make glass fiber used far more widely than other kinds of fiber, the pace of development is far ahead of its features are listed below:

(1) high tensile strength, elongation of small (3%).

(2) high coefficient of elasticity, rigidity.

(3) elongation and tensile strength of high elastic limit, it absorbs impact energy.

(4) for inorganic fiber, with non-combustibility, excellent chemical resistance.

(5) water absorption is small.

(6) the Dimensional Stability, heat resistance are good.

(7) processing better, could be made into unit, bundle, carpets, fabrics and other products in different forms.

(8) transparent through the light.

(9) and good resin adhesion of surface treatment agent of development is complete.

(10) the price is cheap.

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